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Important Factors to Consider Before Engaging in your Interior and Exterior Car Detailing

First you need to evaluate your vehicle before you begin your interior or exterior detailing of your car. If you have a new vehicle then you will only require to wash the exterior with wax and it will be clean enough to drive it. To maintain the exterior parts of your car if it happens to be an old vehicle you will need to thoroughly wax wash the exterior and also polish it well.

Car cleaning chemicals vary and so you should carefully buy a cleaning chemical that will not have negative impact on your car’s interior and exterior effects during your cleaning. Usually, the application for soap, wax or detailer vary from brand thus you should read the instructions carefully before using the brand.

Avoid using liquid detergents highly likely to corrode your car paints and so you need to use car washing soap for exterior washing of your car. Make sure to use clean mitts and drying cloths to wash the exterior of your vehicle other than dish cleaner which can easily damage the paint and strip away wax from your car exterior parts.

To protect your car exterior paints from UV rays you should wax the vehicle to protect fading of the car paint. Your vehicle will definitely attract dust and bird dropping hence keeping a spray detailer and a microfiber cloth can come in handy for removing such dust .

Interior detailing is not easy as compared to exterior cleaning thus you need to perform carefully interior cleaning without any hurry. Move the seats of the car to extreme back to create more space to clean the interior well with sponge and water thoroughly.

Since interior cleaning you will have to wipe clean event the dashboard and any other plastic made parts, then you should use a sponge or pumice block to clean these parts. Since car carpets stick dirt in them you may have to remove them outside first and use a brush polisher to scrub the dirt out before washing the mats or carpets.

Find out the right cleaners to use for your car windows when cleaning but don’t opt for cleaners used to wipe household windows since the ammonium in these cleaners could damage your car window tints. Also, there are other areas in the car interior that are neglected due to limited space in accessing such areas and so you should remove removable parts and tilt chairs to access the areas.

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